Kelly, Montagu Henry

HCR diary 11.11.1819 "At 9 I called on Mrs Smith and staid till late chatting with her. She made a confidential communication. She is going to marry A. this was hardly news, at the same time she told me some particulars of her real history. Her first husband Kelly the father of her daughter is still living. She was married to him at the age of 16. He was a most detestable fellow, attempted her life in Trinidad, governor Picton was her friend - consented to be divorced from - in Germany - has an allowance from his relations of a weekly sum on condition that he does not trouble them. He has never interrupted or interfered with Mrs S. He is living in the Borough but she knows not where. Being divorced in Germany she married her second husband Meyer there, from whom also she was divorced in Germany. I doubt very much whether the first marriage is legally dissolved. But in conscience and honour it is and she runs no fear of molestation. Though I incline to think her case when that of Lolly. She therefore does right in going to be married in Germany"
                     25.4.1820 "called on Amyot expecting an answer from Richard A: to questions he was to put at the Admiralty about the life or death of Lieut: Kelly the first husband of Mrs Smith and he afterwards informed me that K: was lately alive, unpleasant news, as Mrs Smith is soon to marry my friend"
                     24.4.1823 "Aders came requiring my immediate attention. Last night Kelly came in a drunken fit to the house and demanded his daughter - Mr & Mrs A: were from home - the servant sent for  a constable and the man was taken away, but was dismissed giving his promise that he would come this morning at 11 to the Marlb. St Office - A: had spoken to a Mr Cameron, an attorney his friend, but he wished me to attend also - I rode to the Marlb, St with Mrs A: - I found her very anxious that the whole matter should come out before the magistrate for her justification. She wished that questions should be put to Kelly tending to her justification - I could not concur with her in this sentiment - and was heartily glad to learn that the charge was dismissed - I spoke with the sitting magistrate Mr Rowe - or Roe - that K: was fined 5/- for getting drunk and dismissed - R: said he was going to talk about family matters but I would not listen to him. Mr A's servant has since told me that Mr Cameron whispered to Mr R: that it was a family matter. This alarms Mrs A: and not without reason. When at the office he declared he would prosecute Mrs A: for bigamy - and by such threats he may disturb the happiness of a very excellent woman. K: wrote to her lately for £10 saying he was in danger of being arrested and speaking of himself as an old acquaintance. He is so bad a fellow that everything is to be feared from him - Mr Cameron injudiciously desired him to speak to an attorney, when he proposed speaking to C: himself" "I was glad to find that Mrs A: is assured of the protection of Mrs K: and the other respectable friends of her first husband - tho' I fear the effect of a disclosure on the part of some of her friends. She wishes to be relieved from the burthen of concealment - she complains that her servants take liberties with her on account of the rumours generally spread"
                     30.4.1823 "Mrs A. She has not been annoyed since by Kelly, except that he has been once loitering near her house in an Evening"
See my Background Article "3 Wives, 3 Husbands Living" and my entry for Kelly, Eleanor King in Crabb Robinson Diary dataset, also entries for Amyot, Cameron, Lolly, Picton and Rowe there. Montagu Henry Kelly son of Redmond & Bridget was baptised 24.3.1773 at Isleworth, admitted to Westminster School 11.9.1786, began his naval service on 28.2.1791, served as Acting Lt in the West Indies from 1.8.1796 to summer 1797, promoted Lieutenant 18.9.1797, served in Mediterranean 2.10.1797 to 26.10.1799 and from 18.2.1800 to 14.9.1800, and in Channel from 6.1.1801 to 12.9.1801, in North Sea from 12.11.1804 to 17.3.1805, arrested 22.1.1806, in Fleet prison 30.1.1806 to 29.3.1806, his creditors William Ladbroke of New Bond St breeches maker and Stephen Limmer of Conduit St wine dealer.. See Plymouth Record Office 65/M/3/95-104 for his family income. Served at Deptford 3.7.1806 to 22.8.1806 but was arrested on a writ dated 25.6.1806 and came to court 10.10.1806. In Fleet prison 14.10.1806 to 26.7.1809. Retired as Commander 20.12.1830. Buried at St George the Martyr Southwark 11.4.1838 Montagu Henry Kelly of Lambeth Road age 64