Kent, William

HCR diary 27.5.1823  ascertained at William Kent's Counting House that Mr & Mrs K: from Bath were at Sam. Kent's - I went and took tea there, Mr & Mrs K: were looking well and seemed comfortable"
                      1.6.1823 the Kents at Kingsbury's
                      7.8.1823 of Mrs Aders' landscape painting given to Robinson "The execution capital, were it but of a subject equal to the view from the Java which Miss Kent gave me"
                 25.12.1823 the Jupps at Sam. Kent's
                   14.1.1825 "call on Mr Ashton. Miss Kent is on a visit to him, he having married Miss Jay of Bath, seemingly a very lively amiable little woman. Miss K: was flatteringly pleased to see me" she was "sought at Cambridge by a young surgeon (Cripp) but she has not yielded"
                      5,5,1825 "tea at Sam. Robinson's. Miss Kent there"
                    31.5.1825 "Wm & Eliz Kent had promised to take tea with me. They came"
                    19.6.1828 dined with Jameson at Hackney, Kent and his son William, Miss Stansfeld, Becher, dau of Mrs Davy and dau of late Mrs Darvel
                  10.11.1828 "a few days ago Will: Kent & Caroline Kent were married - he to Miss Darville and she to Mr Spender of Bath
                  12.12.1828 at Hackney "saw Mrs W: and Mr Darvill her father" (Mrs W presumably meant Mrs W Kent)
Abbott Kent (will PCC 1811 carpet manufacturer of London Wall) married at Hackney 11.7.1769 Ann Mary Luck. They had two sons Samuel Luck Kent 1775-1844 and William Kent 1777-1840. Samuel had a a carpet warehouse at 67 London Wall, and William a cabinet and upholstery warehouse at 68 London Wall until 1820. Samuel was Secretary of the London Institution from 1824 to 1829. His wife Elizabeth died 3.5.1844 at High Wycombe (Standard 6.5.1844), and he died soon after, his will PCC 10.10.1844. William Kent married at All Hallows London Wall (licence date 25.9.1795)  Elizabeth Robinson Isaac, daughter of Thomas Isaac (will PCC 1816) and his wife Mary, whom he married at Norwich on 12.5.1763, she was Henry Crabb Robinson's aunt. William and Elizabeth Kent had a daughter Eliza Isaac Kent born 1797 who married on 20.4.1841 (after her father's death) Henry Pratt. She was presumably the Miss Kent referred to in HCR's diary, she had two younger sisters Emma born 1801, and Caroline born 1803 who married John Cottle Spender, but Miss without a first name generally meant the eldest sister. The Kents also had a son William Abbott Kent born 1799, who married  on 3.9.1828 Sarah Darvall, William Jameson's niece who was present at Jameson's dinner on 19.6.1828 above. The Mr & Mrs K of 27.5.1823 above were probably Thomas Kingsbury 1778-1855 and his second wife Martha née Luck (the niece of Abbott Kent's wife Ann Mary), whom he married at Hackney on 11.9.1821, witnesses William and Eliza Kent  (see my entry for Kingsbury in the Crabb Robinson Diary dataset). William Jameson had married Thomas Kingsbury's sister Sarah, and Samuel Robinson, a distant (if any) cousin of Crabb Robinson's but like him from Bury, had married a daughter of Thomas Waldegrave, minister at Bury, whose other daughter had married William Kitchener, whose sister Elizabeth had married Crabb Robinson's brother Habbakuk. If that seems a distant relationship, note that Samuel Robinson in his will PCC 1835 referred to Habbakuk's daughter as his niece. William Kent Esq of Bathwick Hill died 27.2.1840 aged 65 (Bristol Mercury 7.3.1840). In his will PCC 1840 dated 7.2.1834 he made his executors Thomas Kingsbury of Bathwick and Henry Crabb Robinson


Wm Kent related and in partnership with Samuel Tomkins.

Any more of the diary that mentions Tomkins and Luck families. 

Samuel Tomkins' mother Sarah Luck.

Martha Luck mentioned is daughter of Joseph Luck also in business with Samuel Tomkins in Bread Street.

Abbott Kent's wife Ann Mary Luck; niece of above Sarah Luck.