19.12.1801 meet, at Fenwick's, Kingden, &c, £75
The surname spelt Kingden is virtually nonexistent, so this was probably Kingdon, common in Devon particularly, or Kingdom, less common. The only other amounts of money noted in Godwin's diary around this time were 4.9.1801 £30 to Ht (=Holcroft) and 11.12.1801 £262 (which had Ht beneath it in very small letters). Thomas Holcroft's letters to Godwin show that Godwin and James Marshall were looking after his financial affairs in London while he was in Europe. In his letter from Paris dated 1.1.1802 (Bodleian Abinger c7 f80-1) he thanked Godwin for sending him £266.6s. On 2.2.1802 (Abinger c7 f89-90) he wrote "Fenwick, I hear, is to make his fortune by his Journal". See work notes below for possible Kingdons

Work notes: 
PCC wills / Edward Kingdon gent Lambeth 1805 / Mary Kingdon widow Lambeth 1807 / Peter Kingdon Enfield 1816 / Ann Kingdon widow Charles St Hampstead Rd 1829 / Samuel Kingdon 1 Clarence Pl Pentonville 1845 / Frederick Augustus Kingdon surgeon Strand 1849 / William Kingdon solicitor 13 Bedford Row 1857 // Thomas Kingdon tailor Oxendon St St Martin i t F 1788 voted Townshend / Abraham Kingdon carpenter Broadway Westminster 1796 voted Gardner // Holdens 1811 Jas Kingdom boot & shot maker 138 Tooley St / William Kingdom Esq 134 Sloane St