Kingdon, Peter

See Castle Street East 1 to 15 &c in London Addresses dataset
No 10 Castle St East Land Tax 1796-1798 Messrs Kingdon & Davis 1800-1805 Peter Kingdon
SunFire 1792 Peter Kingdon & Richard Davis perfumers 402 Oxford St (Charles Braxtone gent, owner?) / Peter Kingdom bach otp = 20.7.1798 St Marylebone by lic Ann Stanley wid otp wits Elenr & Heny Masburne Marr Lic 19.7.1798 PK perfumer (and), 21 yrs & upwards. (A Joseph Kingdon had married an Ann Stanley 2.8.1792 St Giles Cripplegate) / will PCC Peter Kingdon of Enfield Highway wife Ann nephews Wm Toutt (?), Wm Wilbey, Peter Kingdon, William Thunal (?), nieces Elizabeth Kingdon, Elizabeth Thunal (?) & Mary wife of William Cromay (?) dated 22.1.1816 proved 30.5.1816 by widow Ann. He was buried 16.5.1816 St Andrew Enfield age 54 of Enfield Highway formerly in trade