GODWIN DIARY:  Kingsbury 11.6.1791 at Disney's, with Charlesworth
Benjamin Kingsbury formerly a dissenting minister at Warwick, by 1797 supplying razors, toothbrushes &c at 85 Piccadilly and 3 Mitre Court, Fleet St. According to Surman Index born 1765 at Warwick, studied 1783 at Daventry under Thomas Belsham (DNB 1750-1829), minister 1786 at High St Warwick, 1790 at Oat St, Evesham (see Worcester Archives 898.4/5196/2/i) "very clever, has good dispositions" "conduct has been very inpudent, and singular". He published 1791 Prayers for the Use of Families, 1792 The Christian Miscellany, 1797 A Treatise on Razors, 1798 a pamphlet criticising Pitt's Income Tax proposals, and a pamphlet replying to another by the Bishop of Llandaff. he continued to advertise the Treatise on Razors, by 1812 his address was 10 St James St, in 1817 at 6 Union St, New Bond St, in 1820 at 165 New Bond St, by 1837 at 196 New Bond St (on its 12th edition), in 1842 at 152 Regent St, and from 1850 to 1855 at 7 New Bond St. Probably the guest at Disney's was not him but William Kingsbury below, but he was too interesting not to mention here
William Kingsbury (DNB 1744/5-1818) protestant dissenting minister of Southampton will PCC 1818
CRABB ROBINSON DIARY:  12.12.1821 at Aders "the Jamesons were there,but no other lady beyond the Miss Jamesons and Miss Kingsbury"
                                                     27.5.1823 "ascertained at William Kent's Counting House that Mr & Mrs K: from Bath were at Sam. Kent's - I went and took tea there, Mr & Mrs K: were looking well and seemed comfortable"
                                                       1.6.1823 the Kents at Kingsbury's
                                                       5.6.1823 "K: to give Thornton editorship of Asiatic Journal"
                                                  21.10.1841 at Kingsbury's, Putney "talked of general matters and not of the Aders"
Sarah (1773-1857), daughter of William Kingsbury above, married William Jameson (1775-1836) at All saints, Southampton on 30.4.1800. Their daughters Hannah Maria born 2.9.1804 and Sarah Andrews born 3.7.1807 were probably the Miss Jamesons at Aders on 12.12.1821. Miss Kingsbury may have been their cousin Ann Mandell Kingsbury, daughter of Thomas Kingsbury (1778-1855) who had married Ann Mandell on 29.1.1807 at St Pancras. She was only eight years old at the time, if her age in the 1851 census was correct, but I could find no other unmarried female among the Kingsburys - amyway they were probably all too young to be interesting conversation for Robinson. Thomas Kingsbury was a partner with Charles Parbury, Alexander & Hannah Black, and others, as booksellers to the East India House, in Leadenhall Street. They presumably published the Asiatic Journal. Thomas Thornton (DNB 1786-1866) had married in 1823 (against family wishes) Elizabeth, daughter of Crabb Robinson's brother Habbakuk. In the will of William Jameson senior PCC 1828 dated 22.2.1826 Thomas Kingsbury was called "of Clapton", in the will of William Kent PCC 1840 dated 7.2.1834 he was called "of Bathwick" and in his own will PCC 1855 he was called "of Putney". He was at Putney in the 1841 census, and he and his second wife Martha née Luck whom he had married at Hackney on 11.9.1821 were probably already living at Bath in 1823 and were probably the Mr & Mrs K seen by Robinson on 27.5.1823