7.1.1798 Kingslake at Holcrofts
Kingslake is a rare name but may have been an alternative spelling of Kinglake, as both are found chiefly around Taunton, Somerset in this period. The Coles and the Braddocks who were also at Holcroft's that night had West Country connections. Robert Kinglake (DNB 1765-1842) according to Farington's diary p630 met Richard Duppa (DNB 1768-1831) by arrangement in Dresden and they travelled together perhaps to Vienna, Constantinople and Rome. If this was him he was probably newly returned from Europe and soon to set up practice as a doctor at Hot Wells, Bristol, where he was listed in a directory by 1799. John Kingslake of Stoke Gregory (near Taunton) left a will PCC 1810, mentioning his wife Emma, and John Kinglake Esq near Taunton subscribed in 1794 to John Monk's Agricultural Dictionary. John Kinglake of St Gregory Stoke left a will PCC 1784. William Kinglake d.1852 was a banker and solicitor of Taunton, his eldest son Alexander William Kinglake DNB 1809-1891 historian