Kinnaird, George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Rt Hon Lord George Kinnaird proposed member 17.5.1782 by Edward Hall 2nded John Jebb
GODWIN DIARY lord Kinnaird 17.3.1795 at Bosville's, 6.11.1807 Kinnaird at Johnson's, 16.5.1828 Kinnaird at Reynolds'. In 1796 list.
George Kinnaird born 1754 succeeded as 7th Earl 1767 died 1805 so was presumably the first Godwin diary entry and the entry in 1796 list, also the SCI member, see Wikipedia.  His sons Charles DNB 1780-1820 and Douglas DNB 1788-1830 were both possible for the other two entries which didn't mention any title, Ds Kinnaird is mentioned in Godwin's letter of 9.7.1823 (Abinger c.19 f100)