Kirkpatrick, James

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Lt Col James Kirkpatrick of Croydon Common proposed member 9.8.1782 by William Pickett 2nded Joseph Brown
According to Kirkpatrick of Closeburn (1858) his father was James Kirkpatrick M.D. author of some poetical and medical works DNB 1696-1770 (London Evening Post 8.5.1770 died at his lodgings in Fleet St). An officer of the Madras establishment, he published in 1769 "Brief considerations on the expediency" &c about the use of Light Troops "by a late officer of cavalry on the coast of Coromandel". He married Katherine daughter of Andrew Munro in 1762 at Madras, having previously fathered an illegitimate son William Kirkpatrick (DNB 1754-1812), and having by her two more sons, George (d.1838) and James Achilles (d.1806). He commanded the forces at Fort Marlborough, Sumatra in 1777, returned to England about 1779 and lived at Hollydale, Keston, near Bromley, Kent until his death in 1818 (SunFire 1788, 1791). In 1789 he had 3 votes in the United Company of Merchants of England and subscribed to Lavater's Works. He was probably the Col Kirkpatrick who subscribed in 1791 to Mary Robinson's Poems and in 1797 (from Fitzroy Square) to Egerton Leigh's Munster Abbey..His will PCC 11.4.1818 dated 16.2.1818 mentioned two natural children of his late son James Achilles (William George d.1828 & Catherine Aurora = James Winslow Phillips), a natural son of his late son William (Robert Walker) and his own natural son Horatius Washington Kirkpatrick (bapt Keston 12.3.1798) as well as Mrs Hannah Weatherhill "now living with me". The will PCC 24.7.1826 of Hannah Weatherhill of Keston, Kent mentioned her dear son Horace, but he died before her (his will 15.3.1825 of Cheam, Surrey). In the DNB article of his son William, James Kirkpatrick is called the 'Handsome Colonel' but it's not clear where that's a quote from