Klugh, George

15.3.1806 call on Klugh / 19.3.1806 again
George Klugh tailor Ryders Court Soho SunFire 1802. He was apprenticed for 7 years from 6.6.1785 to Lewis Pfancock taylor of St James Westminster premium £12. George Klugh shoemaker 1790 Directory Ryders Court (presumably his father?) buried Soho 21.5.1796 age 56 of Ryders Court. George Klugh rates Ryders Court 1774 to 1803. George Klugh otp = St Geo Hanover Sq 4.7.1802 Hannah Reader otp banns sigs. Their daughter Johanna Elizabeth bapt 9.1.1804 Soho. George Klugh tailor of Ryders Court took apprentice John Cotencin 1803. George Klugh rates Coventry St, St James Wr 1803 to 1812, Nat Archives B 3/2816 George Klugh tailor of Coventry St bankrupt 1810. George Klugh rates Bond St, St Geo Hanover Sq 1801-1822. George Klugh age 77 born St Martins was living with his wife Hannah age 77 born Elmsted, Kent at 3 Manchester St, Marylebone in the 1851 census, his death certificate 1857 4th quarter Marylebone. His son George Reader Klugh went to Cambridge and became a vicar, another son Charles William Klugh was many years secretary of the Governesses Benevolent Institution