call on Lancaster 10.10.1805 / 1.11.1805 again / 1.4.1807 Lancaster at Philips' / 19.10.1808 call on Lancaster / 20.7.1809 again / 25.7.1809 again / 8.8.1809 Lancaster's lecture / 15.8.1809 at Lancaster's / 26.9.1809 call on Lancaster, broker / 10.11.1809 call on Lancaster / 5.1.1810 again / 10.1.1810 call on Lancaster (£108..6.) / 18.2.1811 call on Lancaster / 12.6.1811 again
Joseph Lancaster DNB 173-1838 was probably the lecturer of 1809. The nearest lecture to that date by him I found in newspapers was on 3.8.1809 at the Jews Chapel Spitalfields, but he was giving many lectures in those years and often with free admission. There was clearly another Lancaster (broker) in Godwin's diary, he was quite likely all the entries after 26.9.1809 when broker was specified, and the educationist was probably the Lancaster at Phillips' in 1807, though he printed his own books and Phillips didn't publish them, and the calls in 1808 and up to 15.8.1809. Holdens 1805 J Lancaster stockbroker 27 Surry St Strand, Holdens 1811 Jos Lancaster stockbroker 28 Princes St Bank. He may have been the Joseph Lancaster who married Sarah the daughter of Joseph Jacob on 23.6.1801 (see my entry for Jacob, Joseph). A Joseph Lancaster of Fish St Hill (where Jacob lived) had married miss Tanner of Stratford on 12.5.1793. He may also have been the Joseph Lancaster Esq of Michaels Grove Brompton Holdens 1811, and/or the Joseph Lancaster gent of Hackney will PCC 1833. The calls in 1805 might have been the educationist or the broker

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Holdens 1805 W N Lancaster merchant New City Chambers Bishopsgate St / Chas Lancaster importer & dealer in foreign wines & spirits / Geo Lancaster grocer 17 Brick La Spitalfields