Lathorp 14.2.1802 at King's. Lathrop in Godwin's 1796 list for 1802 / 21.3.1802 again / 4.4.1802 Lathorpe at King's
The GD website has a person record for Murray Lathrop with relevant editorial notes but no diary entries are coded to it. The fullest account of Lathropp is A History of the Families of Skelt, Somerscales &c p166 though sources are not given the facts are mostly checkable, though I could find no other source for the suggestion that he was an illegitimate son of George III, something he would have been likely to have claimed and which King George would have been likely to cover up. Baptised Robert William Felton Lathropp son of Robert & Ann 12.3.1780 St Marylebone, birth date given as 22.12.1777, he succeeded his (?) father Robert Lathropp to Felton Hall in 1785. Admitted Westminster School 13.3.1786, attended Sidney Sussex College though I can't find him in Alum Cantab. In 1797 at Londonderry in Royal Manx Fencibles commanded by Lord Henry Murray 4th son of 3rd Duke of Atholl he fought duels with Col Peachy and Col Andrews, also in 1797 he went through "a form of marriage" with Alicia Marshall. Married as bachelor 25.8.1801 at St Marylebone to Catherine Clarke, their dau Catherine Carpenter Lathropp was baptised at St Marylebone 3.3.1803. Edward Kent Strathearn Murray son of Robert Wyndham Lathropp Murray and Lydia was baptised at Pershore, Worcs on  7.6.1807. Aside from his near bigamies and his dodgy financial dealings with John King he also managed to get himself on a list of baronets which King George was obliged to strike him off. His mother Ann left a will PCC 1806 dated 19.4.1803 at Smith Square mentioning Catherine Margaret Ann Maria Lathropp daughter of Alicia Marshall of Londonderry "who resides with me". Lathropp Murray, as he was then known, died 2.11.1850