call on Gen Maitland 13.4.1803 / 28.1.1807 Maitland at Lauderdale's / 19.2.1808 M(arshall) dines, from Maitland / 11.3.1808 M(arshall) calls from Maitland & Sharp / 20.6.1818 call on Maitland / 8.2.1834 Maitland at Anthony White's / 30.11.1834 again
The first entry was perhaps Thomas Maitland DNB 1760-1824 brother of the 8th Earl of Lauderdale. He became brigadier general in 1798 and was MP 1790-1804, but from 1805-1811 was governor of Ceylon and from 1813-1824 governor of Malta so was probably not the later Maitland entries. Another brother William Mordaunt Maitland died 1841 also became a general and the later entries may all have been him The only other General Maitland in 1803 was Lauderdale's uncle the Hon Alexander Maitland died 1820. Certainly the Maitland of 1808 seems to have been acting on Lauderdale's behalf in the matter of Godwin's subscription, to which Lauderdale contributed, but no other Maitlands did, and James Marshall was active in helping Godwin negotiate this