May 3.5.1789 at Brand Hollis' / Mays 4.2.1797 at John King's with Belfast. Both May & Belfast in Godwin's 1796 list for 1797 / 28.5.1798 mrs May at King's / 7.11.1798 May at King's / 4.1.1807 adv May at King's / 1.3.1807 Mays at King's / 3.3.1807 May at King's / 8.3.1807 again / 29.5.1813 Edgworths May & Trotman call

(James) Edward May 1751-1827 History of Irish Parliament and W.A.Maguire Living Like A Lord. He married 1.9.1773 Elizabeth Bragg of St George Holborn and (by 1809 but after their children were born) Elizabeth daughter of Francis Lumley. He was admitted Middle Temple 1777 and called to the bar 1789, gave evidence at Horne Tooke's trial 1794, had known Tooke 2 years, "not a member of any society". His children Stephen 1781-1845, Rev Edward 1783-1819, Anna who married Lord Belfast (qv) in 1795, and Elizabeth. He could have been the May at Brand Hollis' in 1789 but in that case Godwin must have "forgotten" him when he entered him in his list 8 years later. May was a common name. John May who appeared in Godwin's diary from 1819 with Henry Holcroft was probably not related


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Boyle's 1792 Mr M 39 Essex St Strand; Mrs M 4 Tavistock St, Bloomsbury; Mrs M 34 Charlotte St, Rathbone Pl (Joseph M merchant there 1780-88);Joseph M Esq 4 Bedford Sq (merchant there from 1789)