Meek 12.5.1788 at Robinson's

Work notes: 
George M 1793 cabinet maker London John Meeke of Yarmouth subscr 1788 John M of Gainsford St 1784 subscr to Protestant Dissenters Chartity School Southwark John M 1796 voted Tierney Southwark John M gent of Basinghall St, Temple will PCC 1843 R M 1793 musical instrument maker London Robert M 1790 coal merchant Temple St Whitefriars (? will PCC 1814) Samuel M 1790 hay salesman Whitechapel Thomas M 1789 charity school clothing warehouse 58 Little Britain (? will PCC 1827, 1831) Walter M 1785-90 shoemaker 87 Tooley St (will PCC 1820) William M 1790 chairmaker Foster St, Half Moon Alley, Moorfields William M 1793 subscr to Macklin's Man of the World William M 1800 MP for Penrhyn, subscr to Mrs Hale's poems