Melanscheg, Caspar

Melanscheg 31.5.1793 calls on Godwin. 
In Godwin Diary website not coded as Identified or Unidentified. Caspar Melanscheg fur manufacturer. "Melanscheg from Dyde's Pall Mall at no 333 opposite Somerset Place Strand" (World 26.11.87) See Dyde, Robert. "On Wed 3rd instant at his residence in Hackney of an apoplectic attack on the 22nd ult Mr Caspar Melanscheg (formerly of the Strand) in the 68th year of his age" (Morning Chronicle 18.3.1819). His will PCC 1819, his son George Melanscheg of the Strand, furrier went bankrupt 1822. Nat Arch C13/44/22 Thomas Pilbrow vs Caspar Melanscheg & others Chancery suit