Melville, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Dr John Melville of Southampton St, Covent Garden proposed member 20.4.1792 by Charles Frederick Walsh 2nded Bush (Michael or Atkinson?)
Dr Melville Medical Assistant to Humane Society at Woolwich 1781. Medical Register 1783 Dr melville essex St removed from Woolwich. John Melville, M.D. Essex-street, Strand in the list of the Medical Society of London printed 1784. John Melville M.D. Arundell Street in List of Governors of Scottish Corporation 1786. There is a letter to Sir Joseph Banks from John Melvill 21.10.1786 at Natural History Museum (Kew BC 1.248) which I haven't seen. Dr Melville's Conserve and his Aquae Saubris were advertised in 1787 and 1788. Dr Melville Adelphi governor of Humane Society 1788. John Melvill age 61 physician 34 Southampton St admitted 10.2.1795 member of Union Lodge of Freedom and Ease freemasons. John Melville MD Southampton St voted Fox & Horne Tooke 1796. Boyle's Court Guide 1799 & 1800 Dr Melville and Mrs Graham 34 Southampton St. Reuss' Register of Authors (Berlin 1804) Dr Melville of St Andrews Letter, in answer to an enquiry respecting the vaccine as a disease of cows in Scotland (Duncan's Annals of Medicine for the Year 1800 p458)John Melvill of Berwick St, St James Piccadilly buried at Hampstead Rd 17.1.1800 age 64 (this record nearly fits with his age in the masonic record but his title of Doctor not used)