Mercier, Charles

24.7.1796 adv C & A Mercier at Holcroft's / 24.6.1799 C Mercier calls / 20.11.1801 write to Holcroft, per CM (CM not coded at all in GD website, brown text) 8.5.1803 C & B Mercier adv at Holcroft's / 3.7.1803 Cs Mercier at holcroft's / 28.8.1803 Chas Mercier calls / 5.1.1804 C Mercier invited to dine at Godwin's / 16.3.1804 C Mercier adv at theatre / 22.6.1804 Godwin calls with his wife on C Mercier / 1.4.1809 C Mercier adv at Godwin's / 30.11.1814 C Mercier calls / 1.12.1814 C Mercier calls / 2.12.1814 C Mercier calls / 11.11.1819 C Mercier calls / 17.1.1820 C Mercier calls / 16.7.1820 C Mercier calls
The C Mercier on 12.11.1792 was probably Charles Andre Mercier senior to distinguish him from his brother Louis Sebastien. Charles Mercier was buried St Pancras 1829 aged 47. Charles M son of Charles M of Paris appr to Jonas Davis, Stationers Company 9.8.1789. Witness (or his father) at Louisa Mercier's wedding to Holcroft 4.3.1799. Married 9.8.1808 at St James Clerkenwell, Sophia Lambert. Sophia dau of Charles Mercier & Sophia bapt 1809 St Mary Mag Old Fish St. Charles Mercier printer of Bartholomew Close bankrupt 1813. Alfred Dowling Mercier son of Charles & Sophia bapt St Dunstan in the West 1819. Some of the C Mercier entries above might refer to Charlotte Mercier