GODWIN DIARY:  Monkhouse 5.8.1790 at George Robinson's (or quoted there?) / 14.1.1818 calls with Wordsworth / 14.2.1818 at Telford's
CRABB ROBINSON DIARY: 2.2.1822 "dined at Monkhouse's calling by way on the Aders & Flaxmans"
                                                   2.4.1823 saw Lambs at Monkhouse's "succeeded in making an arrangement for a party at Aders's which delighted them greatly"
                                                   6.5.1827 Monkhouse's brother John from Wales. Monkhouse's widow married Mr Dick
The Monkhouse in 1819 and 1822-3 was probably Thomas Monkhouse (1783-1825) cousin of Wordsworth's wife. See Letters of Charles & Mary Lamb vol 2 p 140 n3. Thomas son of George & Mary Monkhouse bapt 28.8.1783 St Cuthbert Carlisle, buried 4.3.1825 at Clifton Glos will PCC 1825 merchant of Budge Row. Bury & Norwich Post 19.7.1820 Thomas Monkhouse Esq of Queen Ann St London married Jane dau of Samuel Horrocks esq MP of Lark Hill Lancashire. Jane Monkhouse = St John Preston, Lancs 27.3.1827 Paris Thomas Dick

Work notes: 
George M wine merchant Swithins Lane Strand/381 Strand 1782-8 M & Scott 1789-91 George M will PCC 1820 chemist & druggist of Charles St Middlesex hospital Thomas M will PCC 1825 merchant of Budge Row (the 1818 entries in Godwin Diary) John M Law List 1798 attorney Howland St Fitzroy Sq Rev Dr M vicar of Sherborne Hants Mrs M Boyle's 1792 30 Wimpole St M & Gould calico printers West St Waltham Abbey 1790 Arthur M & Co habit makers 8 May's Bldgs St Martin's La