Montagu, Basil

The DNB entry for Basil Montagu is in error about the date Montagu married his 2nd wife, Laura Rush, which was at Glasgow on 6.9.1801. His 3rd wife was clearly the one in entries after 1806, she was famous as Thomas and Jane Carlyle's 'noble lady'.
Although Montagu first appeared in Godwin's 1796 list for 1795, the entry for 6.12.1794 was only a 'see' so may have been him.
The B M on f 46r of Vol VII of Godwin's diary before the 1796 list is surely him, see Montague, Sidney
Amendments to Oxford DNB
CURRENT TEXT "His second marriage, in 1806,"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <His second marriage, in 1801,>
NOTES Basil Montagu married Laura Rush at Glasgow 6th September 1801 CURRENT TEXT "Anna Dorothea Benson Skepper, widow of Thomas Skepper, a lawyer in York, and daughter of Edward Benson, a York wine merchant." SUGGESTED CHANGE <Anna Dorothea Benson Skepper (c.1773-1856), widow of Thomas Skepper (1768-1805), a lawyer in York, and daughter of Edward Benson (1746-1815), a York wine merchant.> NOTES I have more information on the Bensons and on Basil Montagu's children but the current article doesn't really need changing except for the date of the second marriage which was probably a typo
Jan 2015 the DNB have inserted the correct date of his second marriage and credited my website in the Sources


They definitley  married on 6 Sept 1801, I have a copy of the marriage entry from Scotland's People