Moore, Charles

19.8.1795 C M adv at Inchbald's / 8.3.1796 C M adv at theatre / 7.8.1796 C M adv at Inchbald's / 23.2.1799 C Marsh, C M at Mackintosh's lecture / 2.3.1799 C M, C M at Mackintosh's Lecture
The C M entries up to 1799 may have been Charles Moore (d.1810 see Farington diary X 3646) son of Dr John Moore DNB 1729-1802. Charles Moore has a person record on the GD website, but these have not been coded to it. The two C Ms of 2.3.1799 may have been him and Charles Marsh who appeared as C Marsh in Mackintosh's first lecture. C M was later used for someone else, possibly Charlotte Mercier (see my entry for her)