Moore (Ireland)

Moore 9.7.1800 at Lady Moira's / 12.7.1800 at Curran's / 28.7.1800 Devil's Glen with Lady Mountcashell, Mrs Moore & 2 enfants; dine, with them at Dunran / 5.8.1800 Arthur Moore at Wallace's trial at Carlow / 11.10.1801 Helen & Jane M dine (in Oxford) / 19.11.1801 H & J Moore call / 21.11.1801 C Mountcashel, H, J & miss Wilmot call
The first 2 entries above are coded in the GD website to John Moore DNB 1729=1802 but there's no reason to think he was in Ireland in 1800. Leaving aside those who supported the union with Britain as unlikely to have been at Curran's (though that doesn't necessarily follow) there were several anti-union MPs named Moore listed in the History of the Irish Parliament.  Hon William Moore 1732-1810 (brother of 1st Lord Mountcashell) and his son Stephen Moore 1769-1838, John Moore 1756-1834 and Arthur Moore 1765-1846 barrister (who was probably the Arthur Moore of 5.8.1800 above). Then there was Hon Ponsonby Moore 1730-1819 who married Elizabeth Moore sister of 1st Lord Mountcashell and John Moore 1772-1803 brother of 2nd Lord Mountcashell who were both Irish MPs but I'm not sure what their political sympathies were. Stephen Moore 1749-1829 and Lorenzo Moore 1741-1804 were both pro-union Irish MPs. The 2 enfants on 28.7.1800 may have been Lady Mountcashell's daughters (or Mrs Moore's children), but the later entries in England in 1801 were certainly Lady Mountcashell's daughters Helena Eleanor (who married Sir Richard Robinson 1813 and died 1859) and Jane Elizabeth (who married William Yates 2nd son of Sir Robert Peel, 1st bart, in 1819 and died 1847). Margaret King had married Stephen Moore (2nd Lord Mountcashell) in 1791 and he died 1822, so the daughters were ten or younger in 1801. Poems by Jane Elizabeth Moore were published in Dublin 1796 but if that was her she must have been a very young poet