Moore, John

see Poland Street 1 to 8 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
John Moore 59 Poland St (& 60 Poland St "for shop") ratebooks 1773-7 / Elizabeth Rowland 1773 appr to Moore & Shilbeck, St James embroiderer & tambour / John Moore spurmaker St James took appr 1774 John Cooper 1779 Edward Cliffen 1779 William Cheetham, (entry after Cheetham) Mary Moore of St James embroiderer took appr 1779 Mary Frances Gavelle / Society of Arts Miss Moore of Poland St 1772 tambour work Goldfinches 1776 An Indian Rose, A Loury from Pekin, A Louryquette from do (1771 Miss More needlework c/o Mr Mountain, King St, Soho same address as Jacob More was probably his sister mentioned in his will 1793 as Isabel Simpson who married Robert Simpson at Edinburgh 25.8.1776, Graves included Miss Moore of Poland St in same entry) / 10.7.1776 Mr Moore spurmaker Poland St ad for apprentice /  will PCC 8.3.1779 John Moore spurmaker Poland St mentioned wife Mary in the trade of an embroiderer separate from me, Sarah Kilbeck widow of Poland St, sons John & Samuel and four daughters dated 5.7.1777 wits Mary Murray, And Kippis, Jno Turner / London Met Archives O/224/005 John Moore, Piccadilly, spurmaker, Ann his wife / John Moore spurmaker Strand voted 1749 Vandeput , spurmaker Piccadilly voted 1784 Fox / SunFire 1780, 1785 John Moore spurmaker 18 Piccadilly / 1788 John Moore Piccadilly bankrupt / Daily Advertiser 17.12.1743 ad for missing apprentice John Moore spurmaker New Court Brown St Bunhill Row / Public Advertiser 21.4.1756 Mr Moore Spring-spurmaker, below Exeter Exchange