Moore, Major

3.2.1807 dine at Johnson's w. maj. Moore / 2.12.1807 call on Johnson adv. maj. Moore / 12.8.1808 dine at Johnson's adv. maj. Moore / 13.4.1810 dine at St Pauls w. maj. Moore
Fuseli and Bonnycastle were present at each of the dinners above but that is not surprising as they were regulars at Johnson's. One of the mathematical assistants to Bonnycastle at the Royal Military Academy Woolwich was John Moore esq but no sign he ever had a rank in the army. James Moore (DNB 1762-1860) was a friend of Fuseli's and Godwin's and often dined at Johnson's. He was surgeon to 2nd regiment of Life Guards but whether he had a rank in the army I'm not sure. Godwin usually noted him as Jas. Moore, six times in 1806, once in 1809 (at Johnson's), and in 1810 (after Joseph Johnson's death) dining at St Pauls on 23.3.1810 and  11.5.1810, either side of the 13.4.1810 dinner above, so it would be rather inconsistent of Godwin to have called him maj. on that one occasion. No clear identification yet