Morgan, William

Morgan 29.7.1798 at Horne Tooke's / 17.10.1799 Morgan at Parry's (King's Bench Prison) with Malkin & Tooke / 29.11.1799 sleep at Morgan's (near Hurley, Berks) / 16.2.1800 at Horne Tooke's (& Malkin) / 25.2.1800 Morgan br (fr?) at (Joseph) Johnson's / 17.5.1800 dines at Milton Gallery (& Malkin)  / 16.5.1805 miss Morgan at Wake's
The above Morgan entries, though not underlined in GD website (as unidentified persons are), lead when clicked on to "No appearances in diary found", except for 16.2.1800 which is coded to William Morgan DNB 1750 -1833, and for 16.5.1805 (miss Morgan) which is underlined as unidentified. The first entry at Tooke's in 1798 might have been William Morgan or his brother George Cadogan Morgan DNB 1754-1798 who died on 17.11.1798. The others were probably William Morgan, and the miss Morgan at Wake's in 1805 may have been his daughter Sarah who married Benjamin Travers in 1809 and died before 1813