Rawlinson 15.6.1803 at Joseph Johnson's
All these just possibles. James Rawlinson of Derby wrote in Nicholson's Journal 1805 re painters colours, James Rawlinson c1769-1848 pupil of George Romney ?from Matlock (see Farington's diary). Sir Walter Rawlinson Hist of Parl 1734-1805 had a town house at Devonshire Pl in 1800, his will PCC 1805. Dr John Rawlinson MD of Combe, Hants still alive 1793, can't find his death date yet. His son John Rawlinson 1778-1847 (in Christopher Rawlinson DNB 1806 - 1888) was an enthusiast of the Pitt Club and became magistrate of Marylebone police court. William Rawlinson Staffordshire warehouseman of St John St went bankrupt in 1800. Edmund Rawlinson was an attorney of Nottingham St, St Marylebone in 1800. In Boyle's 1800 there were two John Rawlinsons at 9 Doughty St and at 43 Upper Seymour St one of whom may have been the John Rawlinson mentioned above.. Henry Rawlinson was a merchant of Gt George St in 1791 and S Rawlinson & Son were merchants at 20 Water Lane, Tower St in 1790. John Rawlinson tailor of St Martins i t Fields will PCC 1804. James Rawlinson of Peckham will PCC 1804. William Rawlinson will PCC 1805. Nathaniel Rawlinson linen draper will PCC 1808. Robert Rawlinson nurseryman Chelsea will PCC 1819. John Juland Rawlinson of St Pancras will PCC 1832