at Rayner's 14.3.1804 meet mrs Dallas & mrs T West, with M(ary) J(ane)
To meet the deserted wife of Thomas West (who had eloped with Godwin's niece Harriet) and her mother Mrs Dallas must have been a delicate social situation and it is not surprising that Godwin took his wife with him and met them on neutral ground. Thomas Rayner victualler of Bloomsbury will PCC 1812 may be relevant. Also W H Rayner whose novel Virtue and Vice was published 1805 for W Thiselton of the circulating library, Goodge St, Fitzroy Sq. A William Hemurs Rayner was made a captain in the St Pancras Volunteers (Morning Post 27.8.1804). He may have been a son of Mrs Elizabeth Rayner of 82 Titchfield St and Clapham, her will PCC 1800. A W H Rayner sold his port wine 1839 from his residence in Chelsea and advertised houses to let from his address at 23 Henrietta St Brunswick Sq in 1844