Schramm adv at Chandler's 23.4.1798
Doane's 1794, Christopher Schram cellist 7 Half Moon St / Martin & S(imon) Schram violinists 20 Panton St Haymarket / Christopher Schram bachelor of St James Westmr & Ann Armitage spinster, marriage licence 17.3.1789 / Henry Schram staymaker age 26 bachelor and Joyce Wingham spinster of St Geo Han Sq marriage licence 23.11.1776, Henry S Land Tax from 1783 Half Moon St, from 1791 Castle St West St Marylebone, 1794 Mrs Schramm 15 Castle St West, from 1796 mrs Jesse Schramm 26 Wells St, St Marylebone / Martin Schram from 1804 Land Tax Charlotte St, St Geo Han Sq / Martin Schram musician Charlotte St, St Geo Han Sq voted Maxwell 1818, burials at Erdens Johann Martin Schramm 16.3.1820 age 76 yrs & 10 & half months Johann Simon Schramm 26.1.1829 aged 63 yrs & 7 months will PCC 1829 Johann Simon Schram otherwise Schramm of Piccadilly, Middx dated 1.6.1826 Schweinfurt mentioned Johann Martin, Johann Christoph, Johann Simon, miss Christina Clare & miss Anna Margaretta Schramm. There was also Michael & Catherine Schramm who baptised children at St Marylebone Jane Mgt 1788 Eliz Emma 1790 (bur 13.6.1855 age 75 Kensal Gn) Mary Ann 1793 Matilda 1797 (bur 27.7.1863 age 63 Kensal Gn) Geo Michael 1802 ( bur 28.1.1842 age 38 of Harrow Rd at St Mary Paddington)and there was an older sister Elena Catherine born about 1776 (bur 24.8.1855 age 69 Kensal Gn). In the 1851 census Elina & her sister Eliza were annuitants and their niece Catherine a music teacher age 19 born Wandsworth all at St John's Wood Terrace Marylebone. Michael Schramm of 93 Edgware rd St Marylebone Land Tax 1792. T Schramm, merchant of Rochdale, Lancs went bankrupt Aug 1798 and had certificate by December