dine at Chandler's w. Vardon adv Phs & TV 23.4.1798 / 10.7.1798 Chandler's,w. Vardon & Philips / 1.2.1799 Fancourt's, w. mrs Vardon
Probably Samuel Vardon who married Charlotte Ling at Astbury Cheshire in 1775, their children were baptised at St Anne Soho, He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1772 at Mr Vardon's 41 Gracechurch St, in 1775 at 29 Frith St Soho, in 1792 at 23 Soho Sq and in 1798 at 52 Devonshire St Queen Sq. Samuel Vardon goldsmith of Frith St voted Hood & Wray 1784. Samuel & Thomas Vardon were goldsmiths at 29 Frith St in 1790, Samuel & Thomas Vardon & John Stedman goldsmiths of New Bond St went bankrupt 29.6.1795 and gained their certificate by September 1795. Samuel Vardon was a buckle maker at 23 Soho Square. TV was presumably Thomas Vardon and Phs was Chandler's friend John Phillips. Charlotte the eldest daughter of Samuel and Charlotte, became Mrs Bence (see Bence, Charlotte). Samuel William son of Samuel Vardon silversmith of Tottenham Court Rd was apprenticed in the Framework Knitters company 1795, while a Samuel son of John Vardon of Bilston, Staffs boxmaker became a freeman of the Patternmakers company by redemption 6.10.1800. Samuel William Vardon was apparently the person laterknown as Samuel Arthur Vardon who died 10.5.1843 in his 67th year of 33 Oxford St, Hyde Park & The Cottage, Worth, Sussex. Thomas Vardon will PCC 1809 and John Vardon PCC 1810 ironmongers of Gracechurch St were perhaps brothers of Samuel, certainly relatives. Thomas Vardon  d1809 had a nephew Samuel and his son Thomas was father to Thomas Vardon DNB 1799-1867. The Thomas Vardon goldsmith may have been the same person as the goldsmith.