Vaughan, Priscilla

mrs Vaughan arrives, Vaughan calls 23.8.1797 / 24.8.1797 Vaughan calls / 25.8.1797 Vaughan, Addington call / 2.9.1797 nurse / 3.9.1797 nurse / 13.9.1797 mrs V removes / 14.9.1797 PV sups (& Fenwicks) / 17.9.1797 mrs V dines / 18.9.1797 mrs V at tea / 21.9.1797 talk with PV / 22.9.1797 adv PV at dinner / 23.9.1797 write to Addn. adv PV at dinner / 26.9.1797 (mrs Fenwick &) PV at tea / 29.9.1797 PV calls / 4.10.1797 PV calls
First read entry for Addington, Philip. The plain Vaughan entries above seem to have been her husband John from whom she had eloped at some point before 9.8.1797 (Times ad 11.9.1797). Priscilla Vaughan was the daughter of Richard Pynock (grocer and haberdasher of Ledbury, Herefordshire, 1784 Bailey's, will PCC 1803 gent of Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire). In his will he mentioned a third of an estate at Endfield, 10 miles from London, which he doubted his heirs would ever get the benefit of, as he thought some misconduct had taken place. This estate was Norris's Farm in the manor of Elsings and indentures of 2.12.1791, 30.1.1793 and 21.1.1795 at London Metropolitan Archives state that it was left to John Fenwick of East Lane, Walworth Surrey as eldest son and heir of his mother Priscilla born Mackariss only child of Robert Mackariss and his wife Priscilla who married 2ndly James Jones, and among the other parties to the indentures were Thomas James Fenwick, Richard Pynock and his wife Sarah, John Duckworth and his wife Mary, and Peter Molyneux and his wife Sarah. Peter Molyneux jeweller of Liverpool married Sarah Fenwick 25.4.1787 at Liverpool St Nicholas, and John Duckworth also sometime of Liverpool had married Mary Fenwick, this Sarah and Mary were sisters of John Fenwick, and though I haven't found the baptism of Priscilla Vaughan nee Pynock, I suspect her mother was Priscilla, John Fenwick's eldest sister, and that Sarah was Richard Pynock's second wife, which would make four generations of eldest daughters being named Priscilla. The misconduct if any may have been John Fenwick's in his attempts to raise money for his radical publishing ventures. John Fenwick's father, also John, had been an itinerant Methodist preacher until his marriage to Priscilla Mackariss and then settled in trade in Newcastle-on-Tyne and later returned to the itinerancy (Methodist Biography Index). What happened to Priscilla Vaughan and Philip Addington after 1797? Philip son of Philip Addington & Priscilla was baptised at Kingston Jamaica 3.11.1798, and William son of John Vaughan, hatter & Priscilla was baptised at St Saviour Denmark Hill, Surrey on 9.12.1798, his birth date given as 18.11.1798,. If Philip Addington Vaughan was born by the end of 1797 he could have gone to Jamaica with his father while Priscilla returned to her husband. But the letter of 28.3.1799 from Eliza Fenwick to Mary Hays (see the excellent work of Timothy Whelan) tells of the death of Mrs Vaughan in poverty in Jamaica followed by the death of Philip Addington the day after her funeral leaving a boy aged seven months who was taken in by a stranger who then wrote to Eliza Fenwick (as John Fenwick was Priscilla Vaughan's uncle). Richard Pynock provided for his grandson Philip Addington Vaughan in Jamaica and made his son-in-law John Vaughan his executor in his will of 1803. It is just possible Priscilla Vaughan could have lost or left her child William, died soon after reaching Jamaica and the news could have reached Mrs Fenwick by the end of March, but it seems more likely there is some wrong information in the Denmark Hil baptism.


The above passage connects John Fenwick to Rev. Fenwick through the will of Pynock. Not sure if I understand this connection fully. John & Eliza are my 4th great grandparents and I am doing family research. Been in contact with Lissa Paul (Brock University, Ontario, Canada) who is currently in UK writing bio of Eliza. She states that Crabb Robinson and others said that Fenwick was Irish, not English. I cannot find an entry for John Fenwick in your notes. Do you have anything more on this? Thanks and regards, Dave Rutherford, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

good to hear from you Dave. Yes I have lots of notes and I'm certain this is the right connection but it's hard to show you off the cuff, the different documents all back each other up. Fenwick has been said to have been Irish and his father had been a Methodist minister in Ireland among other places, they were sent around by Wesley. Eliza's father was also a Methodist minister. If Lissa Paul is in UK at present she really should get in touch with me, it would be tragic if a book was published on the Fenwicks without all this information. It would be easier for us to meet up and I can then marshal all the evidence which is a fair amount of scrabbling for notes and persuade her, which is a lot of work for me to do here. I've just looked up her e-mail and will contact her. If you can get a2a online (Access to Archives) and search for Elsings and/or Fenwick some of the info at London Metroploitan Archives may appear, I've looked at the originals. Also check the Methodist Index and also search for Fenwick in my website search box (go to About this site)