6.8.1807 call on Taylor (Vaughan) / 12.8.1807 Vaughan at S(kinner) S(treet)
The two Vaughan entries above probably referred to the same person. The previous use of Vaughan was 1798 and the next was in 1810. Godwin seems to have been arranging for someone to sleep at his Skinner-st shop, so on 7.8.1807 Hooley sleeps 4 nights in S S, on 11.8.1807 Godwin himself sleeps at S S, on 12.8.1807 Vaughan at S S, so this Vaughan was probably someone paid to sleep there, possibly an apprentice or employee of Richard Taylor's. The Vaughan who appeared in the diary 5 times in 1810 to 1812, including one "write to" was more likely to have been a financial backer or broker and so likely to have been a different person