Villeneuve, George

see Newman Street 1 to 9 in London Addresses dataset
George Villeneuve 6 Newman St dancing master SunFire 1779 / George Villeneuve 6 Newman St Land Tax 1783-1799
George Villeneuve senior (born Rhens, Brittany) died Paddington July 1794 age 85 (European Magazine / Highfill, Burnim & Langhans Mr Villeneuve fl1734-1763 dancer Mrs Villeneuve fl 1735-1752 dancer, actress, singer / George Villeneuve = Lincolns Inn Chapel 8.9.1735 Elizabeth Oates by lic 6.9.1735 consent of James Oates of St Martin i t Fields her father / Highfill, Burnim & Langhans James Oates d.1751 actor, singer, dancer (note the entry for Ann Oates who "seems to have left the stage" after 12.6.1735 may include instances of Miss Oates who were in fact Elizabeth) / Elizabeth dau of George & Elizabeth Villeneuve bapt 3.10.1756 Marylebone (George Whittingham of St James = 1783 Elizabeth Villeneuve by lic wit Geo Villeneuve) / Mr George Villeneuve subscr 1765 to Treatise on Artificial Fireworks by Capt Robert Jones / Morning Chronicle 30.5.1772 masquerade with Anstey, Crawford & Lt Jones, Villeneuve was blind fiddler, then Sussex farmer / George Villeneuve ratebooks Knightsbridge 1774-80 Park St, St Geo Han Sq 1786-93 / Mr Villeneuve Park St subscr 1786 to James Nelson's "The Sentimental Father" / Elizabeth Villeneuve of St Geo Han Sq bur 31.3.1789 St James Paddington / George Villeneuve senior hon. subscriber to New Musical Fund 1794
George Villeneuve jr born 7.11.1738 bapt 24.8.1770 Marybone / Highfill, Burnim & Langhans George Villeneuve fl. 1784-1815 viola & dourle-bass player / George Villeneuve junior = Marylebone 20.5.1769 Susanna Smart (Public Advertiser 20.5.1769 of East Greenwich) wits Geo Villeneuve, Geo Smart (she was perhaps sister of George Smart DNB 1750/1?-1818?) / children of George & Susanna Villeneuve bapt Marylebone George Harman 22.8.1770 Sophia Mary Ann 28.6.1772 Harriott Matilda 13.2.1774 Frederick George 13.3.1778 / Morning Chronicle 17.11.1774 Mr Villeneuve dancing master swore to his stolen watch at Bow St court, Morning Post same day court made fun of Villeneuve for his profession / "The Cuckold's Chronicle" vol 2 p30 (1793) published trial for adultery of Mrs Villeneuve 1780 (read in Eighteenth Century Online or search London Met Arch DL/C - i've not seen) mentioned Villeneuve's house in Newman St, country house in Moulsey, Surrey, father at Knightsbridge, the Villeneuves had had 7 children, two were still living, girl of 7 and boy of 3 (for details of witnesses etc see para below) / Public Advertiser 24.5.1780 ad Mr George Villeneuve disclaimed his wife Susannah / Morning Herald 24.11.1780 Mr Villeneuve of Newman St danced at masquerade / trial of Joshua Hibbins for crim. con Kings Bench 20.2.1781 Villeneuve awarded £700 damages / George Villeneuve son of George Villeneuve native of Rhens, Brittany, admitted to Vintners Company by redemption 18.11.1784, liveryman by 1791 / SunFire 1785 Elizabeth Chambers (QV*) widow 6 Newman St, there till 1791 / George Villeneuve hon. subscriber to Royal Society of Musicians 1787-99 / Charles Parkinson = Marylebone 14.1.1792 Harriot Matilda Villeneuve / Morning Chronicle 3.10.1792 Mr Villeneuve gave 3 gns for French clergy refugees / Mr & Miss Villeneuve, Newman St subscr 1793 to Excellence of the Christian Religion by James Bernard 1658-1718 minister of the Walloon Church / Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies 1793 Mrs G-frey (QV* Godfrey) 6 Newman St / Doane's 1794 George Villeneuve viola & double bass player 6 Newman St / George Villeneuve subscr 1795 to An Entire New System of Mercantile Calculation / Oracle 28.3.1795 George Villeneuve steward of New Musical Fund dinner / Morning Chronicle 4.6.1800 Mr Villeneuve performed for New Musical Fund at Kings Theatre / James Giles Hammond = Soho 9.4.1801 Harriot Matilda Parkinson / SunFire 1801 George Villeneuve of East Moulsey, Surrey / SunFire 1807 George Villeneuve 4 Lyons Inn / SunFire 1814 George Villeneuve 17 Queen St, Soho / George Villeneuve bur 27.1.1818 St Mary, Paddington Green, age 82 from Lyons Inn / his will London Consistory Court 12.2.1818 George Villeneuve of Lyons Inn, formerly of Newman St all to daur Harriet Matilda wife of James Giles Hammond dated 20.1.1818
Persons in adultery trial 1780 / Joshua Hibbins bach = St Sepulchre 6.6.1759 Mary Hewson of Hornsey by lic / said in divorce trial to have called himself Captain of an Indiaman but this said to have been false / Joshua Hibbins merchant of Lambeth bankrupt 1781 / Thomas son of Joshua Hibbins articled as solicitor 6.7.1781 / Joshua Hibbins bur 30.8.1818 St Gregory by St Paul age 95 / Elizabeth Knott housekeeper to Mr Villeneuve in Newman St, her first husband Potts / George Knot bach of Christchurch London = 27.7.1769 Eliz Potts otp wid / Rowland Charter footman & his wife Elizabeth servant to Mr Villeneuve / Rowland Charter = Marylebone 3.8.1779 Elizabeth Potts (probably dau of the housekeeper) their children Thomas Norris bapt 1779 Soho, children after 1795 bapt Shoreditch, Rowland Charter bur 1807 Bethnal Green / Mrs Harman friend of Villeneuve, not traced, (note Villeneuve's first son baptised George Harman) perhaps relation of actress Catherine Maria Charke who became Mrs Harman and died in America 1773