Vincent 23.2.1794 at Hubbard's, & 23.3.1794 there, 31.1.1795 at Powell's (with Hubbard)

Work notes: 
Thos V Devereux Ct Strand victualler voted Fox 1790 (?will PCC 1818 tobacconist St My le Strand) / Robt V St Martins La publican voted 1790 Fox & Tooke / John V Bowling St cordwainer & Peter V Chandos St Covt Gdn tallow chandler voted Fox & Tooke 1796 / Francis V engraver 10 Batemans Bldgs 1790-9 (Maxted) see Vincent, Francis in Greater Soho dataset / Francis V attorney of Southwark took appr (see Bryant, William) 1778, Paper Office Kings Bench 1778,1784, will PCC 1796 of Southwark (housekeeper Mrs Mary Charnock wife of Hugh C, friends Rd Minshull of Millbank St Westmr, Edmund Pickering of Newington, Wm Smith of Lane St Southwark, Hannah Hudson widow of Sudbury Derbys mother of late wife, late bros-in-law Rd & Thos Hudson, dau Ann, Maria & Frances daus of late bro Saml) / Francis V will PCC 1799 of 23 Threadneedle St (packers FV & Son, son Thos, dau Mary wife of Wm Newcombe, governors of Aldersgate St dispensary for poor) 1792 FV, & Thos V 13 St Thos Apostle / William V DNB 1739-1815 headmaster of Westminster school, (Tory) Boyle's 1792 Deans Yard / Henry V spur maker to Pr of Wales Swallow St 1790 (PCC 1798?) / Frederick V of Grosvenor Pl 1780 original member of SCI (PCC 1785) / H D V Esq 6 Little Maddox St Boyle's 1792 (PCC 1833/1848) / Rob V Esq 75 New St Han Sq Boyle's 1792