Vizard, William

25.7.1806 call on Vizard / 29.7.1806 again / 25.7.1808 again / 30.7.1808 again / 3.8.1808 call on Visard / 5.8.1808 call on Johnson (w. Vizard) / 18.12.1809 call on Vizard / 29.12.1809 Vizard at Joseph Johnson's funeral / 30.12.1809 Vizard calls

Probably William Vizard (DNB 1774-1859).  A whig solicitor workin with Brougham and later as Queen Caroline's attorney, Godwin was probably asking him for financial help and may have taken him to Joseph Johnson's to get the latter's security. Godwin then called on Vizard when Johnson was ill, two days before he died, and Vizard came to the funeral and then called on Godwin the next day