W W 4.3.1798 on Bath coach / 20.2.1799 see at Mackintosh's lecture / 23.2.1799 Mackintosh's lecture / 3.3.1799 meet W W & B Allen / 21.4.1799 meet R Johnson & W W
I considered various candidates for W W. William Wordsworth ruled out by sitting under a tree at Alfoxden the day of the Bath coach. William Windham, Wilberforce, Winterbotham, Walker, Ward, Watts, Wells, or William Wedgwood hypothetical cousin of Josiah W working at his Bath shop (a William Wedgwood buried Burslem Staffs 27.4.1817 age 46). Also considered Dr William Watson DNB 1744-1824 MD FRS at bath 1795 but  why would Godwin give initials to a person who never appeared in diary in full surname? The most probable seems to me Willis Webb. There were no Webb entries in the diary between 25.1.1798 and 15.7.1799 when all the W W entries occurred, the next Webb on 16.4.1800 was meet W Webb. See Webb, Willis on this website and his person record in GD website