Wainewright, Robert & Arnold

Wainewright of Hatton Garden proposed Society for Constittuional Information 30.4.1792 by John Lodge Batley 2nded (Michael or Atkinson?) Bush
Either Robert Wainewright of Hatton Garden, Clerk of the Rolls, who married as bach otp Ann Arnold sp of Newgate St, Christ Church London at St Andrew Holborn on 27.5.1762 wit Latham Arnold (London Chronicle), or one of his many sons, most likely Robert born 1763 or Arnold born 1769.  (The other older brothers Thomas, John & Reader already had different addresses by the 1790s, and the younger brothers Latham, Abel & Benjamin all went to Cambridge from 1798 on and became Church of England clergymen). See Thomas Griffiths Wainewright DNB 1794-1847 where Robert Wainewright senior is said to have been an Unitarian, (but the only Wainewright in the Unitarian Society list published 1794 was Robert junior of Hatton Garden 1791), and John Towill Rutt DNB 1760-1841 who is said to have published an enlarged edition of the Memoirs of Gilbert Wakefield with Arnold Wainewright in 1804. R Wainewright of Hatton Street subscribed 1792 to Robt Robinson's Ecclesiastical Researches. Arnold Wainewright Esq of Hatton Garden subscribed 1794 to Virgil's Aeneid. Arnold Wainewright = Marylebone 13.8.1806 Louisa Crooke (Jackson's Oxford Journal 16.8.1806 2nd dau of John Crooke Esq of Kempshot Park, Hants), his will PCC 1855. His father Robert was bapt 3.1.1733 Holborn son of John & Mary (nee Abell) and died 1800 (London Chronicle 6.2.1800) will PCC 1800 survived by widow Ann. Her will PCC 1810