Wallis 12.7.1800 at Curran's (in Ireland) / 26.5.1801 at Nicholson's / 21.7.1803 Wallis, Camden St calls / 22.7.1803 Camden St / 9.4.1811 call on Wallis / 14.7.1815 call on Wallis, Newgate Street / 21.7.1815 meet Wallis (N S)
Apart from the last two who were presumably the same person, these may have all been different people. Wallis in Ireland could have been the postmaster of Carlow (see Wallace, Arthur) coming to consult Curran about his trial. The Dublin Evening Post also spelt his name Wallis in the first instance. For other Irish Wallises see work notes below.  A Richard Wallis was among William Nicholson's creditors when he was committed to debtor's prison in 1807, though only for £20. But see Ellis, Henry for the guess that the Wallis at Nicholson's was one of his pupils. Thomas Wallis gent of Crown Court, Butcher Hall Lane, Newgate Street will PCC 1820, will of his widow Ann PCC 1838

Work notes: 
1798 subscr to D R O'Conor James Wallis, Cork / Dr Thomas Wallis, Waterford / Rev Christmas Wallis, Kenny, Castletown Roche, Cork // Will PCC 1840 Edward Snell Wallis, gent of Ordnance, Dublin