Ward, William (lord Dudley)

23.3.1795 lord Dudley at Bosville's / 23.9.1795 Dudley at King's / 4.10.1811 meet B Dudley / 28.12.1820 adv L Dudley Stuart at Nash's / 23.6.1823 letter for Mackintosh (L Dudley), 1827/8 calls & letters L Dudley. (Dudley in Godwin's 1796 list for 1795 but place in sequence implies the Dudley at King's, who was perhaps the B Dudley 0f 1811)
William Ward, 3rd Viscount Dudley & Ward 1750 - 25.4.1823, married 1780 William Bosville's sister Julia. See Female Jockey Club p151
Their son John William Ward (DNB 1781-1833) born 9.8.1781 became 4th Viscount 1823, Foreign Secretary 1827-8
Lord Dudley Coutts Stuart born 11.1.1803 died 1854 youngest son of 1st Marquis of Bute and his 2nd wife Frances dau of Thomas Coutts, banker. At Christ's Cambridge 1820-3. Deeply interested in Polish independence