Warrington 31.12.1800 at Mary Robinson's funeral, Old Windsor
Rev William Warrington vicar of Old Windsor Berks see Dictionary of Welsh Biography, dramatist and historian (1735-1824) will PCC 1828, St James Chronicle 5.3.1789 Rev William Warrington chaplain to the Earl of Bessborough presented to vicarage of Old Windsor. Not found in Alum Ox or Cantab, or Foster's Index Eccles 1800-40. William Warrington = Prestwich, Lancs 28.4.1761 Dorothy Lever. See will of her mother Dame Dorothy Robinson PCC 1789. Godwin took the Exeter mail with James Marshall the night before and supped at Englefield Green where Mary Robinson had been living with her daughter when she died. The only people Godwin noted at her funeral were "adv. Warrington, Kimberley & miss Hall". Kimberley (qv) was a grocer of Windsor and perhaps the churchwarden, miss Hall appeared nowhere else in Godwin's diary. Marshall and miss Robinson were presumably present and not mentioned by Godwin but it would have been surprising if no other friends of Mary Robinson such as John Wolcot, had made the journey from London for her funeral