call with M(ary) J(ane) on Watkinson 13.9.1805 / 11.12.1809 call on Watkinson / 20.8.1810 Watkinson at examination of Sir R(ichard) P(hillips) / 5.10.1810 Watkinson adv at Raine's / 8.10.1810 call on Watkinson / 22.10.1810 write to Blackhall. Watkinson calls / 2.11.1810 call on Watkinson / 17.11.1810 again / 8.5.1811 Watkinson adv at Raine's / 26.8.1814 seek Russell & Watkn
Rev Robert Watkinson born 18.10.1775 died 21.2.1869 (see Boase & Alum Cantab) was assistant master at Charterhouse school 1799-1826 and housemaster there 1805-1826. His address in Holdens 1811 was given as 13 Charterhouse Sq. See my entries for Middleton and for Russell, John. The Godwins called on Raine & Middleton, Charterhouse on 26.9.1805 and was perhaps putting his son William on the school waiting list, so the Watkinson of 1805 might have been the schoolmaster, but the first three entries above could well have been someone else, all the rest were probably him. He was mentioned in the letter (Bodleian MS Abinger c.10 f.100) of 25.10.1810 from Samuel Blackall (proctor or taxor at Emanuel College Cambridge) as having brought Godwin's letter of 22.10.1810. Watkinson was a fellow of Emanuel where Proctor Patrickson was being sent. If the examination of Sir Richard Phillips was, as the GD website suggests, to do with his bankruptcy, then Watkinson may have been a creditor. The only Watkinson round that time in the British Book Trades Index was G W Watkinson stationer of 251 Whitechapel Rd in Holdens 1802 & 1805. However Phillips was not declared bankrupt until October 1810 while a fire in his premises had occurred at the end of July.. I found no reference to the examination in the papers