Watley 28.12.1794 at Foulkes' (with Hutchinson), & Watley jr 21.6.1795, 17.7.1795, 7.8.1795 there & Watley 8.5.1796 at Foulkes' (with Hutchinson).
Joseph Clifford Whatley attorney at Fairford, Glos in 1800 Law List, agent J Foulks (Foulkes was agent for only 3 or 4 out of hundreds of country attorneys) may well be Watley jr; a John Whatley married Elizabeth Clifford at Leyton, Essex in 1778. The Rev George Kemble Whatley of Hones Green, Wokingham, Berks (will PCC 1840) subscribed to Robert Robinson's Researches 1792 and Winterbotham's America 1795