mrs Watson 1.5.1796 at John King's, between mrs Grattan & miss Edgworth / 25.6.1799 Watson at Sarah Elwes / 9.7.1799 Watson adv at Sarah Elwes' & mrs Sims & mrs Holcombe / 11.11.1802 general Watson at Raphael Smith's / 27.12.1810 call on Watson with T(homas) T(urner) / 9.6.1817 trial of Watson senior / 16.6.1817 Watson acquitted  / 14.12.1817 Watson of the Stuart Papers adv at Hayward's / 18.1.1818 Watson adv at Hayward's / 19.4.1819 dr Watson calls / 26.4.1819 call on dr Watson
The first three entries above were possibly the same woman but it seems more likely the Watson at Sarah Elwes was a man.
General Watson was probably John Watson Tadwell Watson will PCC 1826, who on 7.7.1783 at St Geo Han Sq married Frances sister of John Crewe DNB 1742-1829 and was commander of a Guards regiment and the only General Watson in the Army List in 1802. He seems to have been an irascible gentleman and was fined £250 for an assault on a complete stranger (Whitehall Evening Post 7.5.1799). He attended the dinner of the Society of Arts (Morning Chronicle 27.3.1806). It was apparently in his stables that the Cato St conspiracy was hatched in 1820.
The call in 1810 may be difficult to identify.
The Watson on trial in 1817 was James Watson DNB 1766-1835.
The Watson of the Stuart Papers and probably the next entry at Hayward's was Robert Watson DNB 1746-1838.
The Dr Watson in 1819 I haven't identified clearly but some suggestions are in work notes below

Work notes: 
PCC will 1824 Thomas Watson MD of Ramsgate but late of Calais, France, mentioned wife Elizabeth Ann, only son Lewis Wentworth Watson in India, Amelia Wentworth Watson of Ramsgate swore to handwriting / PCC 1827 Alexander Watson MD Madras mentioned wife Helen Wemyss Watson, brother's daughters Jesse, Alexa & Louisa / PCC 1829 Joseph Watson Ll.D of Kent Road mentioned property at Arrarry Hill, Kent, wife Susanna, sons Thomas James, & Frederick, dau Ann wife of Samuel Storker Burns, 2nd dau Louisa wife of Rev Joseph Littlewood /