miss Weale 1.1.1801 breakfasts & dines (? at Mary Elizabeth Robinson's, Englefield Green) / 3.3.1811 Weele at mrs Topping's / 17.6.1812 Weale calls / 7.12.1812 Weale at E Topping's / 21.7.1813 again / 26.12.1817 Weale calls / 4.1.1818 Weale dines / 2.2.1818 sup at Weale's / 19.4.1818 Weale (& Carlton) call / 22.4.1818 sup at Weale's (& Carlton) / 3.5.1919 Weale dines / 29.5.1818 adv Weale at dinner / 16.8.1818 Weale sups / 29.12.1818 adv Weale at dinner
William St Clair in The Godwins and the Shelleys speculates that Weale, being someone Godwin probably met through Mrs Godwin (nee Mary Jane Vial) may have anglicised his name from Vial, and that miss Weale could have been the future wife Godwin later met as Mrs Clairmont (although never having married she was in fact Miss Vial). 
Miss Weale was presumably a friend of Mary Elizabeth Robinson's and may not have been related to the Weale of 1812 to 1818, but that Weale or at least his family, can be identified by the two Carlton entries above.. The will PCC 1794 of William Weale of St Pancras mentioned his sister Tabitha widow of John Mansell, and Sarah Ann, wife of Joseph Carlton and aunt and guardian of William Weale's daughter Ann. Mrs Carlton took administaration of William Weale's estate in 1802, the executors having died. The will PCC 1813 of James Weale upholsterer of 18 Edward St, Portman Sq mentioned his sister Ann Carlton, his daughter Louisa, and his sons James and Daniel. Tabitha Weale was baptised 4.11.1750 at St John Wapping, dau of James, blockmaker of Wapping & Tabitha. Sarah Ann Weale was baptised 14.5.1752 at St John Wapping dau of James & Sarah, and her brother Daniel was baptised there in 1753. The will PCC 1818 of Daniel Weale, upholsterer of Edward St Portman Sq mentioned his brother James of York St Bldgs New Rd gent, his brother-in-law Joseph Carlton of Clarendon St Somers Town, and his sister Louisa wife of Joseph Carlton. This would have been the son of the Joseph Carlton who married Sarah Ann Weale, he married Louisa Weale (his cousin) at St Marylebone on 9.8.1813. At a guess he was the Carlton who visited the Godwins, and the Weale was most likely his brother-in-law James, the brother of Daniel, as he visited the Godwins twice after Daniel's will was proved on 23.7.1818. Miss Weale of 1800 could have been Louisa or her cousin Ann, or of some other Weale family.

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Eleanor dau of Philip & Eleanor Weale bapt Middx 1804 / Holdens 1811 G Weale attorney 8 Dyers Bldgs Holborn, Geo Daniel Weale (& Becket) attornies Broad St, Golden Sq, James Weale 7 Upper Spring St, York Pl