Webb, Francis

In Godwin's 1796 list for 1773 F Webb
Francis Webb DNB 1735-1815. General Baptist minister and a steadfast radical whig, the DNB article states he was Deputy Searcher at Gravesend 1766 -77. In Godwin's autobiographical notes (on microfilm Duke MF 75 Bodleian Library) directly after his examination by Stafford, an Arian, he wrote "F Webb - T Pade - Hulls", and a bit later "Disputed with mrs Hull at cards - rewrite her poem".  Richard Hull (will PCC 1780 of Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex) was the brother of Godwin's mother Ann. He married Grace widow of Pierce Dixon and sister of the Rev Philip Brandon whose will was PCC 1790 Grace Hull widow of Canterbury. The Hulls lived at Hill Green House, Stockbury between Gravesend and Canterbury and owned property in Gravesend. Godwin's mother's sister Priscilla Wray died at Gravesend in 1769, her daughter Priscilla married Samuel Wilcock there in 1767, and her daughter Grace Mary married Thomas Cooper there in 1770, children of both couples were baptised in the Princes St Independent chapel at Gravesend up till 1774