Webb, Willis

7.4.1788 &c. Willis John Webb was baptised at St James Piccadilly in 1770 son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth. His older brother Nathaniel was baptised in 1760 at St Marylebone. His parents married at St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol on 1758. His father was MP for Taunton 1768-75 and Ilchester 1775-80 and supported North, never spoke in the house, lived at Savile Row and in Montserrat, West Indies and died at Bath in 1786 (History of Parliament). Willis was admitted at St John's College Cambridge and at Lincolns Inn in 1788, got his BA in 1792 and was called to the bar in 1795 (Alum Cantab). He died 13.6.1847 at Harbledown, Kent. His will (Nat Arch PROB11/2060) left money to a female cousin in Dublin and a former servant in Paris. He had money in public stocks in England, France, Belgium and Naples and left £25 for his body to be opened to ascertain the cause of his death. All Webb or W Webb entries in Godwin's diary up to 1806 probably refer to him, Mrs Webb to his mother and N Webb or the Capt to his brother (see Webb, Nathaniel)

Work notes: 
Henry W, Joseph W & James W signed declaration of Friends to Liberty of Press 1792 / Doane's 1794 Samuel W sr composer, organ, principal bass & Samuel W jr pianoforte, tenor 1 Great Sq Grays Inn; William W violin 72 High St Marylebone (see Autobiography of Francis Place p 176)