Weldon, Francis

Francis Weldon of 59 Friday St proposed Society for Constitutional Information 25.10.1793 by George Williams 2nded Thomas Wardle
William Tapp linen draper 59 Friday St 1780-1786 & Reymer 1790. Francis Weldon SunFire 1794 warehouseman Watling St, 1795 gauze warehouseman with George Coleman 1800 with him in trust. Friends of Freedom steward on 5.11.1796 (Morning Chronicle 17.10.1796). Francis Weldon merchant of Watling St joined Whig Club 3.4.1798. Bury & Norwich Post 19.6.1811 Francis Weldon draper of Stamford died 11.6.1811. Nat Arch PROB 31/1055/837 inventory of Francis Weldon of Stamford, Lincs formerly of Watling St. His father Francis Weldon of Wellingborough = St Michael Stamford 5.10.1765 Catharine Anderson, wit Hugh Jackson. His father's will PCC 10.9.1787 dated 15.6.1782 merchant of Duddington Northants, wife Catherine, property in Kings Cliffe Northants and in Duddington purchased of Mr Jackson, wits Wm Jackson, Hugh Jackson, Weldon Gandern. SunFire 1788 Francis Weldon merchant Cliffe, Northants. His mother Catherine Weldon buried Duddington 30.9.1823 age 78 of Birchanger, Essex. Francis Weldon = St Mary Virgin Dover 14.7.1795 Johanna Harvey (Johanna dau of John & Eliza Harvey bapt Dover 5.2.1769) their son Francis born 23.5.1796 bapt 16.7.1796 St Mary Virgin Dover. Their dau Emma Harriet born 31.7.1797 bapt 7.9.1797 All Hallows Bread St and St John Evangelist Friday St (buried Sept 1797). Their dau Louisa born 8.1.1799 bapt 28.1.1799 St John Evangelist Friday St. Their son John Tooke Royle born 25.7.1800 bapt 7.9.1800 Weld Chapel, Southgate. Johanna dau of Francis Weldon draper & Johanna bapt 1.1.1802 St Michael Stamford, their dau Caroline bapt there 16.2.1803, bur 17.3.1803, Johanna wife of Francis Weldon bur there 13.3.1803 age 34. Francis Weldon wid otp = St Michael Stamford 11.7.1803 Rebecca Mary Bowker. Mary Ann dau of Francis Weldon draper & Rebecca Mary bapt 24.5.1805 there. Henry Weldon = St George Stamford 19.12.1809 Anne Jackson, wits Fras Weldon, Sarah de Rippe, Wm Simpson, Sarah Bromhead. Holdens 1811 Francis Henry Weldon woollen draper Stamford. Francis Weldon's aunt Sarah Weldon will PCC 233.3.1813 of Duddington dated 1.6.1810 mentioned sons and daus of late brother Francis, sister Jane wife of Hugh Jackson, sister Frances Gandern, sister Mary Simpson, brother James, and various other nieces and nephews