Welles, Richard

13.6.1796 Wells at Dealtry's / 9.8.1796 at Joseph Johnson's with Newnham / 5.12.1797 at Joseph Johnson's /.4.9.1798 again / 29.1.1799 at J Johnson's with Newnum / 12.3.1799 at J Johnson's with Newnum, adv Wells / 30.4.1799 at J Johnson's with Newnum / 30.4.1799 again / 30.9.1799 at J Johnson's / 5.11.1799 again / 28.1.1800 again / 2.12.1800 at J Johnson's with Newnum / 2.6.1801 again / 16.9.1801 again./ 19.7.1804 Wells's call / 26.7.1804 miss Wells dines / 18.8.1804 Wells on water trip / 18.10.1804 theatre w miss Wells & MJ / 10.11.1804 again / 30.12.1816 Wells at Constable's / 
Richard Welles stationer of Cornhill from 1761, will PCC 1803. According to 'A Liberal Publisher' by Gerald P Tyson, Robert Welles was a character witness for Joseph Johnson at his trial and said he had known him 30 years. This was probably a mistake for Richard. In his will dated 12.3.1803 and proved 13.6.1803 he made Joseph Johnson executor, to look after the interests of his natural daughter Mary Tomlinson by his housekeeper Mary Tomlinson at Union Row, Lion Square, Whitechapel. He was very likely all the entries at Johnson's. I've included Newnum (see Newnum, Henry) in the entries above because they were often at Johnson's together, but I don't know what the link between them was. The Wells at Dealtry could have been Richard Welles but it seems less likely, and the Wells entries after his death were presumably not his family, unless his natural daughter assumed his surname. The Wells entries of 1804 could have referred to William Frederick Wells DNB 1764-1836 watercolour painter (and his daughter Clara?), William Charles Wells DNB 1767-1815 physician and brother of Helena Wells DNB 1761-1824 author who became Mrs Whitford in 1801, or William Wells DNB 1768-1847 art collector, or even Nathaniel Wells DNB 1779-1852