Wollstonecraft, Edward

16.1.1806 Wt jr calls / 2.3.1806 Wt jr callsna / 9.3.1806 Wt jr calls / 12.8.1807 Edw. Wt dies / 23.8.1807 Ed. Wt adv. (at dinner) / 16.9.1807 Ed. Wollstonecraft in Primrose Street / 31.10.1807 Ed. Wt callsna / 30.5.1816 meet Ed. Wt / 29.6.1816 Ed. Wt calls / 23.9.1817 met Edw. Wt. / 19.2.1833 F. Wt calls / 27.12.1833 M(ary) W(ollstonecraft) S(helley), Mrs Hogg & Ed. W dine
Edward Wollstonecraft born 10.10.1783 London died 7.12.1832 Crows Nest, North Sydney, New South Wales. baptised 23.11.1783 St Katherine by the Tower son of Edward & Elizabeth. He was the son of Mary Wollstonecraft's older brother Edward, who married Elizabeth Munday in 1778, and whose death is recorded by Godwin on 12.8.1807. Edward junior seems to be the only candidate for the three Wt jr entries in 1806, unless Mary Wollstonecraft's father Edward John had a child by his second wife Lydia. In his will dated 1.6.1791 Edward John Wollstonecraft mentioned his wife Lydia but no children by her, (though he didn't die till 1803). Mary's younger brother Charles was an officer in the US Army from Oct 1800 and his records show him as active in 1806, Godwin also wrote to him on 1.1.1806 and 1.4.1806. Mary Wollstonecraft wasn't friendly with her older brother Edward, which probably explains why he only appeared in Godwin's diary when he died. Edward junior emigrated to Australia in 1819 so could have been all but the last two entries above. I have no guess as to who F Wt in 1833 was. The Ed W on 27.12.1833 (who has been coded to Edward Wollstonecraft on the Godwin Diary website) was very likely the 13 year old Edward Medwin Williams, born 1820, son of Edward Ellerker Williams and his wife Jane (she was in law the wife of another man). By 1833 Jane Williams was known as Mrs Hogg