Wordsworth, Richard

call on Wordsworth atty 2.4.1798 / 3.4.1798 call on Wordsworth, adv Montagu / 14,4,1798 call on Worswort atty / 16.4.1798 call on Wordsworth (& Montagu) / 17.4.1798 call on Wordsworth / 5.5.1798 adv Wordsworth at (Samuel) Lister's
The above entries have all been coded to William Wordsworth on the GD website. The poet was clearly down in Somerset at this time (see Reed, Wordsworth Chronology 1770-1799) and two of the above entries add "atty" i.e. attorney, which was the profession of the poet's brother Richard. There are also two later entries that are coded to William Wordsworth but might equally be Richard, 18.8.1801 write to Wordsworth and 16.5.1806 call on Wordsworth, Pentonville, w M J. Though the 1806 entry occured during a visit by the poet to London during which he saw Godwin on 7.5.1806 and 19.5.1806, Godwin sometimes used an address to distinguish two people of the same name