Wright, John

Rev Wright of Ipswich proposed Society for Constitutional Information 27.4.1787 by Thomas Brand Hollis 2nded John Baynes
Rev John Wright, Ipswich subscribed 1796 to Habakkuk Crabb (DNB 1750-1794). Not found in Surman Index or Oakes Diaries, no newspaper mentions found. John Wright = Sudbury, Suffolk 22.11.1763 Mary Key. Her will dated 31.12.1784 Mary wife of Rev John Wright of Ipswich mentioned indenture of 14.3.1770 father John Key, cousin John Eaton eldest son of late cousin Elizabeth Eaton who was dau of aunt Mary Snell, cousin Thomas Smith son of Daniel & Susan Smaith deceased of Clare, Suffolk, brother Obadiah Key (his will PCC 1786 of Clare, Suffolk), cousin Susan wife of James Young Esq, PCC 30.4.1801 John Eaton took admon. Tackett St Independent Ipswich, Mary wife of Rev John Wright died 28.11.1799 age 70 buried 6.12.1799, Rev John Wright died 10.11.1800 age 68 buried 14.11.1800