Wright 8.4.1796 adv at King's / 2.12.1807 call on Wright / 4.12.1807 again / 6.9.1808 again (in Newbury)  / 7.11.1808 Wright cpp calls / dine at Collier's w. Wright / 8.8.1812 tea Collier's, w. Wright

I suspect five different Wrights in the above entries. For 1796 at King's I have no suggestions. For the two entries two days apart in 1807 I considered Henry Wright attorney of Paper-bldgs Temple partner to Thomas Nelson Pickering, because a Pickering also appeared in the list of calls on 3.12.1807, 4.12.1807 and 5.12.1807. However on 4.12.1807 they both appeared but separated by Dennet and Swannack. Godwin made a lot of calls in the few days before his friend William Nicholson was discharged from debtor's prison where he had been since May on 5.12.1807. Some, like Sloper and Dennet, seem to have been attornies. From the position of Wright in the lists of calls it is probable he was somewhere around the Soho/Covent-garden area. The first 1808 call was in Newbury so probably a different person, the second 1808 call has the nysterious cpp, which Godwin only used one other time, in 1807 (see my Scott entry). It can hardly have been an error for ppc which Godwin used 66 times (though none in 1807 or 1808) meaning pour prendre congé (to take leave), as Godwin hadn't been seeing a Wright lately. The Wright at Collier's twice in 1812 was likely to have been a friend of Collier's from the Stock Exchange (see HCR diary)